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Went through and tagged mosts of the original/reblog/respond posts on this tumblr regarding asian americans and anti-black racism. As it were you can track the changes and development of my perspective on this issue.
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    A recent Princeton based study using fMRI scans of about 20 heterosexual males (undergraduate students at Princeton) found that heightened Hostile Sexist attitudes (identified through a proven questionnaire) were reflected by a heightened tendency to associate sexualized women with Objects rather than as Agents. 

    The study did not include people who identify as non-heterosexual; it found that hetereosexual women (who were studied under a simpler, non-fMRI survey) did not have the same brain activity reactions to the sexualized images of women; the researchers hope to do a similar study to see if some heterosexual women react the similaritly to sexualized images of men. 

    Agents are Human, have power and control over their own lives. Objects are non-Human/less-Human, with no power and are controlled by others. This subconscious ascription of Agency or Object relates to other studies that have shown when a person views another person as less than human, the first person is more likely or capable of doing horrible things to the second person.

    I’m hiding this reblogged post (which is really just excerpts from the Jezebel article that this link will direct you to). It’s some pretty disgusting stuff, and this is exactly what I mean when a “rape culture” exists. Basically, it’s things in our culture that make aggression or violence towards women (or any other person for that matter. Women are not the only rape victims.) normal, like it’s just the way it should be.

    Hit Read More at your discretion for the link. I also have commentary at the end. Possible trigger warning as I discuss some psychological aspects of this rape culture.

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    People need to do this more.