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Went through and tagged mosts of the original/reblog/respond posts on this tumblr regarding asian americans and anti-black racism. As it were you can track the changes and development of my perspective on this issue.
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    The experience of 1.5 generation immigrants, a term used to describe people who arrived in the U.S. as children and adolescents, is a unique one. Unlike their first-generation parents or U.S.-born siblings, their identity is split. They are American in many ways, sometimes in most, but not entirely.

    Depending on how old 1.5s are upon arrival, where they grow up, which ethnic group they belong to and a host of other factors, their American/immigrant identities vary wildly, as do the roles they play within immigrant diasporas. They can play bridge-builder and cultural interpreter, helping parents and grandparents navigate their new home. Or they can feel like outcasts, neither here nor there. Then there are complicating factors like legal status, with some undocumented 1.5s growing up side by side with U.S. citizen siblings and peers.

    I’ll read this later but hooray for 1.5’s!

    (via antology)

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      This is me! Age 5 and a half for me. And though I’m obviously more accustomed to living in America.. I still identify...
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      I’ll read this later but hooray for 1.5’s!
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