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Went through and tagged mosts of the original/reblog/respond posts on this tumblr regarding asian americans and anti-black racism. As it were you can track the changes and development of my perspective on this issue.
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    So I find that I go through a lot of phases on my journey to enlightenment being a knowledgeable citizen of the world. And the one word that in recent months has defined my knowledge of injustice in the world, is “Privilege”, and the invisibility of it. Privilege, and taking it for granted, is so, so very important to understanding all that is wrong in this world. (I want to make clear that I still have a positive outlook on the world. But I will not put on rose-colored glasses and pretend that some naive notion like the free market is going to fix everything.) There are so many levels of Privilege and they define how each and every one of us acts. My most recent posted video was on the Wisconsin Union Protests. Do you know what’s the most critical Privilege at play there? I think it is First World/Developed Nation Privilege. We have the privilege of a First World, World Class nation where decades of labor unions and worker rights activists have installed so many worker protections into our system. They are so ingrained that they are invisible; they are an Invisible Privilege. And so we take them for granted. We forget how hard it was to fight and gain these protections, we forget that there is still work to be done. 

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